I am in receipt of your email and I also thank you for the information provided about your Auto. I am sorry I can not call or receive calls at this moment based on the nature of security here in my country but I will make out time and call you on the secured line if the need Arises. The Auto is just a minor objective of contacting you but I will buy at your asking price. I will appreciate if you will book the Auto for at least three weeks and remove the advert from the web site for me. My major priority of contacting you is to Propose a deal that requires immediate and swift execution. I will Provide The Necessary detail you all about me once trust is established between us. Please read thoroughly and get back to me but you have the obligation to decline if you are not interested.

I am a Syrian industrialist and member of the Syrian business men In council Damascus. My family is under the threat of President Bashar al-Assad is our resolute support for a true democratic Government in Syria, many business are moving to Egypt to start new life But for now it will not be possible for me because the crisis has also extended over there.

Website http://english.alarabiya.net/articles/2012/12/04/253308.html
Website http://www.breakingnews.com/topic/syria

Many families are running for dear lives. Their soldiers are killing the Civilians, women and children. I want to bring to your notice that I have in my possession the sum of (Nineteen million and five hundred thousand United State dollars) $ 19,500,000 usd in my possession. This is the money I have saved for my entire life as an industrialist and I have it stored in my house because putting money in the bank Could be a very big risk in a country like ours.

I will not like to relocate to Egypt the way other business men but are moving to a country where i can have peace of mind because Syrian may also have problem in Egypt due to many have moved there.

I have secured this money in a box and have consulted an envoy in Damascus here who will help me in moving my box out of Syria for safe keeping and possible investment. This is why am in keen need of a Reliable and Trust worthy person who will receive the box, secure and protect it till my arrival Which Should be soon. I have to take this chance because, I have no other alternative but to trust somebody. Am an orphan with no brother or sister so I can not risk my life here to avoid an end to my family lineage. All I have is my wife, my daughter and son. They deserve a decent life since I want to grow up in Them a peaceful environment. I will relocate to your country with my family and invest the money in Accordance with law, your advice and assistance. We can work together and Achieve a better future for our families. Please you will have to take note that the envoy is not aware that my box contains money and this is for security Reasons.

All I ask is permit me register the consignment in your name to your personal Belonging and you are expected to retrieve it once it's in Europe. There will be no risk in this deal, I have made the Necessary arrangement the safe delivery of the consignment box Referred to your location. I will assume you are capable of handling a deal of this magnitude and Also trust you to Maintain absolute confidentiality and secrecy to protect this great achievement. In less than 4 days the box Should be in your possession if you are swift on your part. Beware, I have taken precautionary Measures to secure the money. The box is coded with high security gadget. You will be Entitled to 30% of the total sum of $ 19.5 Million usd while 70% will be mine. I believe this is a fair deal.

GET BACK TO ME WITH Full name, full address, direct phone number, Occupation and Scanned copy of your ID / Driver License. I anticipate your positive response and on receipt of your information with you I will Provide Further Details. We do not have the luxury to waste time so kindly respond ASAP.

Best regards


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