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Frithjof MeissnerMy name is Frithjof Meissner. Here is some background information for those who want to know who the guy in the picture is:

I was born in Solingen in the Rhine area on August 31st, 1955 but I have lived in Verl in Westphalia for many years now -- to be precise, in Kaunitz, a little village where neighbourhood, openness and readiness to help have not gone into decline yet. My wife Christine and I have been married since 1979 and we have got three children.

I teach English, French, Italian and information technology at the Ev. Gymnasium in Werther (EGW). Furthermore I am responsible for all foreign affairs of our school, i.e. the so-called European classes with France and Ireland, the students exchanges with England, France and the United States and the contacts to schools in Rumania, South Tyrole and recently also Poland. As you can see, we are a really international high school. In addition to all this it is my task at the EGW to take care of the information technology room 2 and the "Internet Café".

In my spare time I am the webmaster of the Verler Internet Pages and organize the friendship link of my hometown with the City of Delphos in Ohio (USA). Moreover, I built up a free international E-Mail-Penpal-Center in the Internet. Just have a look.

My real passion, however, is my "duck", a Citroën 2CV AZAM of the year 1964. Of course there is a big website about it:

Die Verler Entenseiten
Frithjof Meissner

Fürst-Wenzel-Platz 2
33415 Verl-Kaunitz
Telefon: 05246-7371
Fax: 05246-929385
Mobil: 0172-9591968

If you like, you can also visit our family homepage. I am always happy about an electronic contact. By the way, I am also available on ICQ. The number is 20912698.